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The Illinois Institute of Technology's Premier Intercollegiate Hackathon.

November 11th-12th


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Email us at [email protected].


Saturday 11/11

9:30 AM Check In Begins 10:30 AM Breakfast 11:00 AM Team Formation Exercises 11:30 AM Opening Ceremony 12:00 PM Hacking Begins 1:00 PM Lunch 6:30 PM Dinner 8:00 PM Cup Stacking with MLH

Sunday 11/12

12:00 AM Midnight Snack 8:00 AM Breakfast 12:00 PM Hacking Ends 12:30 PM Lunch 1:00 PM Expo Begins 2:30 PM Closing Ceremony and Prizes 3:15 PM It's Over, Go Home

Our Inclusion Goal

To promote the best possible environment for ScarletHacks, our goal is to reach a 50/50 admission rate for male and female hackers.

Invite your friends to apply!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Hackathon?

A hackathon is like an "invention marathon." Participants team up with other students and create something new in 24 hours! There will be free food, lots of bright students, and companies from around the midwest to help you learn more about technology and have a great time.

Can I participate?

Any university students (not just CS/EE/IT) 18 years or older can attend ScarletHacks. Encourage your friends and classmates to apply!

Have more questions?

Contact: [email protected]

We Follow the MLH Code of Conduct

Major League Hacking 2017 Hackathon Season